The Words of the Stone: this is the name we wanted for the new Lapidary Museum to immediately evoke the meaning of these inscribed stones which, as already mentioned in another presentation, involve us with their load of feelings and emotions, narrating episodes of life. public, but also of small everyday life. The epigraphic materials exhibited in this new exhibition are presented with scientific rigor, but the didactic and emotional aspect has not been overlooked, which makes the difference for the layman and which makes the ancient testimonies precious. The small room dedicated to Avezzano before the 1915 earthquake, which introduces the museum, testifies to the past of a disappeared and totally unknown city, where the noble coats of arms, the splendid portal of the Church of San Nicola, the capitals of the Cathedral of San Bartolomeo and an unidentified ancient church stoup, solicit a feeling of belonging almost foreign to the new people of Avezzano and at the same time nostalgia for what is no longer. The other sections, dedicated to ancient inscriptions, collect the relics of a glorious past: from the dictator Silla to Poppedio Silone, head of the Italic League, to the epigraphs from Alba Fucens, Marruvium, Lucus Angitiae, Ortona dei Marsi.